Dear advocates,

Do you want to change Massachusetts sex and relationships education for the better? Then please join us and ask your lawmakers to co-sponsor An Act relative to Healthy Youth (H.544 / S.268), filed by Rep. O'Day, Rep. Howard, and Sen. DiDomenico.

Across the Commonwealth, most people agree that students should receive sex and relationships education in school. That’s because we know that when young people have the support of teachers and a proven curriculum when learning about themselves and their boundaries, they do better. This kind of education helps them develop healthy relationship skills, and improves their academic performance.

Some people seem to think that if they erase certain kinds of information from the curriculum, the students who need that information will stop existing in real life. But this approach hurts every student. Studies show that inclusive relationships and sexuality education decreases bullying and harassment in school and makes students more likely to stick up for each other if they see someone being bullied.

So let’s not just say it gets better. By joining together to support the Healthy Youth Act, we can make sure that Massachusetts schools strengthen students, not silence them. Please use this form to send an email directly to your state elected Representative and Senator about supporting and cosponsoring H.544 / S.268 today.


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